Atlantic City, New Jersey

Clockwise from top left: Kim Raffo, age 35, mother of two, Barbra Beidor, age 42, mother of one, Tracy Roberts age 23, mother of one, and Molly Dilts, age 20, mother of one.

On Nov. 20, 2006, passers-by stumbled upon the bodies of four women in shallow graves behind The Golden Key Motel on the Black Horse Pike just outside of Atlantic City. All were clothed, but their shoes and socks had been removed. Their heads pointed east towards mecca and the dirty glitz of the casinos. Beloved and beautiful, all four women were reportedly engaged in sex work along “the track”, an area stroll.

One woman claims this man, who booked a session with her that turned frightening, around the time of the murders may be the killer.

Police have investigated three men though none have been charged. DNA evidence was apparently washed away by the rain. Profiles of the killer have described him as a loner, social misfit and foot fetishist who doesn’t kill every sex worker he sees.

Some have suggested this killer may be responsible for the murders on Gilgo Beach as well, in part based on the appearance of Facebook pages put up posthumously for both the Long Island and Atlantic City victims. Additionally, at least one of the Long Island victims was determined to be killed in the same manner as the Atlantic City victims – strangulation.

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Shrine to Atlantic City victims.


Stop Violence against Sex Workers

We wish we didn’t have to have a blog like this, but we see that in the U.S. little has been done to change the systems that allow violence to proliferate. As sex work is pushed further into the darkest corners of American society, via trafficking panic, we fear more cases of serial killings and assualts in the sex work community.