Trucker killed several Women in Southeast, US

Jennifer Smith

Michelle Haggadone

A trucker stands accused of three murders of sex workers and is suspected in at least one other. Authorities are still in the process of looking into unsolved homicides along his long-haul route. His crime spree may have started as far back as 1995.

A loner, who lived with his mother, John Boyer shocked seasoned homicide investigators with his lack of remorse and venomous hatred for women. FULL STORY

The victims are:
Jennifer Smith, 25
Michelle Haggadone, 34
Scarlett Wood, 31
Rose Marie Mallette, 26


“It was consensual”

Karen Jane Campbell and Alisa Marie Beck, victims.

A jury found a Mesa, AZ man guilty in the kidnapping and rape of two women – Alisa Marie Beck, age 21, in 2004 and Karen Jane Campbell, age 44, in 2007. He’s suspected of other violent assaults on sex workers.

According to reports, the Mesa Police Department aggressively investigated the case to bring the killer, a convenience store owner, to justice.

Kensington Strangler

Christine Piacentini visits a makeshift memorial for her daughter, Nicole Piacentini.

Using DNA evidence and a huge push from area residents, Philadelphia, PA police arrested 21-year-old Anthony Rodriquez for strangling three women to death: Elaine Goldberg, 21, Nicole Piacentini, 35 and Casey Mahoney, 27.

Residents rallied after the women’s bodies were discovered in Nov-Dec., 2010 – creating a Facebook page to catch the killer. Police, fearing vigilantism, made haste investigating the case.